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Participatory Installation: Concrete booth, black

fabric, mirror, lighting system, 2023

'The Invisible Whole' is an installation work that comprises a small room measuring a few meters, equipped with a mirror and a dynamic lighting system. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to enter the room and observe themselves in the mirror. Here, the lighting source, its position, and its angle within the room change every few seconds, altering the viewer's physical representation and creating different appearances and atmospheres.


Beyond its focus on external appearance and self-image, the installation delves into the medium of photography, exploring the interplay of lighting, framing, and their profound effects on visual perception. It places the viewer center stage, using the mirror as a frame for their temporary 'photograph.' Visitors engaging with this installation are invited to partake in an intimate encounter with themselves, fostering reflection and introspection. They have no control over the constantly changing lighting conditions, which create a space for reaction and observation during a transformative experience.


Each time viewers encounter a different version of their appearance, they elicit varying emotions and judgments. The unusually rapid sequence of changing looks and responses evokes awareness of the connection between a person's external image and their inner feelings and judgments. These rapid changes in appearances also introduce an element of doubt about the authenticity of these different physical representations or 'photographs' and provoke thought about the fluidity and impermanence of external appearance and its impact on self-image.

090623IL326-Enhanced-14.12.23_3500px copy.jpg

Installation view (exterior)

Art Cube Artist Studios, Jerusalem, 2023


Left: installation view (interior), Art Cube Artist Studios, Jerusalem, 2023

Top: the visitors mirror reflection in different lighting conditions

Installation video (interior), depicting the visitors mirror reflection in four different lighting conditions. Loop

Art Cube Artist Studios, Jerusalem, 2023. Installation photographs and video: Dafna Tal

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