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Dafna Tal’s artistic exploration focuses on inner realities: patterns of thoughts, feelings, desires and perceptions. Her practice incorporates photography, video, installation and sound, and often involves engagement with diverse communities and natural environments.


Tal started her artistic journey with theatre and sculpture. She later studied at New York’s International Center of Photography (ICP), and continued her studies in cultural project management, where she received an European Diploma from the Association Marcel Hicter, Belgium.


Tal's works have been exhibited internationally including at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Center in Sydney Australia, Lagos Photo Festival in Nigeria, and Visa pour L’Image, Perpignan, France. 


Tal is currently based in Eilat, Israel, where she creates new work within the desert and the Red Sea.

Artist Statement

The multifaceted inner world of emotional and mental perceptions provides me with a constant source of inspiration; I am intrigued by the way in which ideas, feelings, concepts, and beliefs function and take form, drive human behavior, and affect individual and collective lives.


Using diverse approaches, in-situ experiments, documentation or staged processes, I examine different ways of connecting to my own and my subjects’ experience and gain insight about identity, self-image, concepts and feelings. I incorporate the practices of video, photography and sound into my work in order to foster these processes and experiences, as well as document or craft the resulting imprints. I then work to assemble or restructure the materials into a final installation, creating new avenues for the viewer’s explorations.


Each project is an opportunity for me to explore new themes, means of expression, and depths of experience. As I engage in the creative process, I gain access to a range of individual and collective “inner selves”, as well as new environments, communities, cultures and themes. The members of these communities and the landscape itself, are not only a source of inspiration, but also active participants in my work revealing familiar yet unexposed aspects of the human and the natural experience. Their unpredictable nature adds a dynamic and compelling dimension to my work, so that I can never anticipate its final form.


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In the Studio

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