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Dafna Tal’s artistic exploration focuses on inner realities: patterns of thoughts, feelings, desires and perceptions. Her practice incorporates photography, video, installation and sound, and often involves engagement with diverse communities and natural environments.


Tal started her artistic journey with theatre and sculpture. She later studied at New York’s International Center of Photography (ICP), and continued her studies in cultural project management, where she received an European Diploma from the Association Marcel Hicter, Belgium.


Tal's works have been exhibited internationally including at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Center in Sydney Australia, Lagos Photo Festival in Nigeria, and Visa pour L’Image, Perpignan, France. 


Tal is currently based in Eilat, Israel, by the Red Sea and the desert. She works locally and internationally.

Artist Statement

The inspiration for my artistic work comes from my long-standing curiosity towards the human consciousness. I am intrigued by  the way in which thoughts, feelings and perceptions take shape, drive human behavior and shaping individual and collective lives. 


The process of artistic creation allows me to breathe life into this intangible reality: a mental upheaval becomes a movement in the body, worldviews receive a representation of geometric shapes, and an internal transformation process is embodied through a journey through the landscape. Thus, enigmatic inner worlds are embodied in new forms, creating an experience that allows the viewer new avenues of discovery. 


My creative process is characterized by diverse methodologies: in-situ experiments, participatory art, documentation or staged processes. I create using the practices of photography, video, installation and sound, while collaborating  with different communities and environments. In recent years, I have been incorporating the natural environment into my work, reflecting various aspects of human nature.


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In the Studio

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