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Anchor Point

Anchor Point  

Single channel video. 3:30 minutes 

Anchor Point is a staged video that follows a man's journey through extreme environments.


Through the chain of dramatic events that take place on the journey, the work refers to the experience of crisis and to questions concerning reality and illusion.


Anchor - Emergence



The work Emergence describes the first moments of a human encounter with the sea.

Each photograph captured a unique temporary landscape scene which can be interpreted as both emergence or disappearance.


04_Dafna Tal_EMERGENCE.jpg
03_Dafna Tal_EMERGENCE.jpg
Artworks - Gorgeous Mad
04_TAL_Video Still.jpg

You're Gorgeous,
You're Mad

Single channel video, 12:30 minutes. 

Listening cell installation.

A video experiment based on a series of authentic confessions. It presents an inner dialogues between two contradicting sides of each individual.


Artworks -Do A thing

You Don't Have 
To Do a Thing

Video portraits on multiple TV screens.

3:15 minutes, loop. 

An inter-religious experiment conducted in Jerusalem. It presents the reactions of different people to the sounds of the main religions in Jerusalem today.


Artworks- Blank Box
Artworks - A Lasting Faith
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