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Dafna Tal's artistic exploration focuses on inner realities: patterns of thoughts, feelings, desires and perceptions. Her practice incorporates photography, video, installation and sound, and often involves engagement with diverse communities and natural environments.


Tal started her artistic journey with theatre and sculpture. She later studied at New York's International Center of Photography and continued her studies in cultural project management, where she received an European Diploma from the Association Marcel Hicter, Belgium.


Tal's works have been exhibited internationally including at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Center in Sydney Australia, Lagos Photo Festival in Nigeria, and Visa pour L'Image, Perpignan, France.

Artist Statement

My artistic inspiration is deeply rooted in my enduring curiosity towards the complexities of human consciousness. I am intrigued by the intricate processes that shape our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions, ultimately guiding human behavior and molding individual and collective destinies.


Through the act of artistic creation, I embark on a transformative journey, translating these intangible inner realms into tangible forms of expression. Mental upheavals find their physical counterparts, worldviews manifest as geometric shapes, and internal transformations unfold as explorations through landscapes. In this process, enigmatic inner worlds are brought to life, offering viewers new pathways to discovery.


My creative process includes diverse methodologies, encompassing in-situ experiments, participatory art, documentation, and staged processes. I create my work using the practice of photography, video, installation, and sound to craft my narratives, often collaborating with diverse communities and environments. Each project serves as a unique opportunity to delve into new themes, modes of expression, and depths of experience.


This profound curiosity about human consciousness took root during my time in Jerusalem, where I immersed myself in various cultural communities and sought to comprehend the psychological and emotional underpinnings of local conflicts. This period marked the inception of my artistic journey, marked by creating a cross-cultural experiment focused on local communities. As my work has evolved, I've ventured into a multitude of communities and environments, while exploring new and universal themes.


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In the Studio

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