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Photographs from the series 'Sphere', 2023

archival pigment print, 100x135 cm


Photographs, 2023

In the center of the photo series 'Sphere' stands a blue spherical object which is situated against the background of an arid desert landscape.


With its symmetrical shape, smooth texture, and artificially-looking material, the sphere stands out for its difference with the natural desert. This contrast further emphasizes the character of the desert, highlighting its yellow and brown shades, its texture and natural materiality. The blue color of the sphere also brings up an association of water, emphasizing the dry nature of the desert. While the sphere resemble the sky in its color, this similarity associates the sphere to the realm of the sky: a celestial layer of earth, which is closer to space, thus, adding to its abnormality, as an object belonging to another dimension. 


In its abnormality, the sphere situated in the landscapes provides a stimulating experience that allows the observers to reexamine what they are accustomed to seeing, possibly attributing various meaning to the various scenes. Their encounter with the landscape invites an examination of color, form, texture and their interactive effect. 

From a personal point of view, I like to see the sphere as a soul wandering around the earth, perhaps searching, perhaps wandering. This idea bring to mind common human feelings such as the sense of separateness, foreignness and lack of belonging and at the same time a sense of exploration of the new. 

The immediate sense of foreignness between the sphere and the desert changes when one takes a trip outside the frame – to a distant point of view located in outer space; From this viewpoint, the dry desert landscape also appears to be a sphere: part of the face of the earth- an oval-shaped spherical object, which is mostly blue in color.

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