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Photographs from the series 'Space', 2018

Archival pigment print, 90x160 cm


Photographs, 2018

In the center of the photography series 'Space' stands a prominent square object against the backdrop of changing landscapes: a beach, a green field, a side road.


Here, too, as in the series 'Sphere', the work includes an essentially defined, bounded and artificial object, which stands against a limitless scenic space. Its symmetrical geometric shape, bright color and uniform texture give it a sense of abnormality compared to the landscape. Shaped as a cube, the object resembles a stage, or pedestal which are devoid of content; its plain color and emptiness resonate with the sense of space and emptiness of the natural landscape. 


The object in the picture also alludes to the expression of the White Cube: a form of artistic display that developed in the 1920s and is synonymous with the term modernist museum or gallery. But while the museum’s white cube functions as a place containing works of art, the white cube in this series functions like a room that has undergone an inside-out reversal, where instead of containing – it is the environment that contains it.

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