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Sculpture, desert stones, diameter 75 cm. 2023

The artwork 'Desert Forms' comprised of a puzzle of desert rocks. These rocks are enclosed by a circular border created by cutting the rocks placed along the edge. Apart from forming this border, the rocks are presented in their natural state, untouched from how they were found in nature. They are rearranged in close proximity to one another, with approximately equal spacing, according to their matching outlines.


The sculpture was created in response to the photography series Sphere, where an artificial blue spherical object is photographed inside changing desert landscapes. It resonates with both the circular shape of the blue sphere, as well as with the rocks depicted in the photograph’s desert landscape, appearing to fill the missing part of the rocks in the photograph, which is hidden by the blue sphere. Placed besides one of the photographs, the rock sculpture brings the photograph to life, allowing the viewer to almost physically feel a piece of the desert and its rocks, with their rugged textured surface and various shapes.


The process of making the sculpture also embedded its own meaning. Its matching arrangement is a result of a prolonged and meticulous search and positioning work consisting of multiple trips and sessions. In each trip, I was searching for stones which have partly matching borders, and later spending hours each time to arrange the stones' borders so that they match in another section of the work. This process reminded me of the human quest to uncover a deeper logic or meaning behind the incomprehensible occurrences of reality. It exemplified the relentless pursuit of understanding that underlies our life.


Installation view, Art Cube Artists' Studios, Jerusalem, September 2023 
Photography: Dafna Tal

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