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Photographs. 2020-2022

The inspiration for my artistic work is rooted in my fascination with how thoughts, emotions, and perceptions shape human behavior and individual and collective experiences. Through my creative process, I transform these intangible aspects into tangible expressions, bringing forth enigmatic inner worlds and offering viewers new avenues of discovery.


Beneath the ocean's surface, I explore an alternate realm, much like an uncharted planet, governed by unique laws. Gravity, equilibrium, visibility, and temperature present both opportunities and challenges. Unpredictable currents may carry subjects in unexpected directions, creating disarray yet interest, and shifting gravity demands adaptation and yields unique physical expressions.


In the series 'Emergence', I capture a sequence of underwater encounters featuring a figure jumping into the vast blue space of the Red Sea. Positioned underwater, my lens records this dynamic interplay of emotions and transformations. Some frames capture the rapid descent of the figure, leaving behind trails of white bubbles as they enter the unknown—an embodiment of the emotional turbulence accompanying a leap into uncharted waters, evident in their postures and expressions.


In contrast, other photographs capture suspended moments—jumpers seemingly frozen in the blue expanse. Here, figures emerge from, or dissolve into, the nebulous white clouds of uncertainty, inviting viewers to contemplate the delicate nature of transitional states.

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