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Still from the video Anchor Point


Single channel video. 2022

3:45 minuets

'Anchor Point' is a staged video that follows a man's journey through extreme natural environments, where he is dealing with an unexpected crisis illustrated by the forces of nature. Through the chain of dramatic events that take place on the journey, the work refers to the experience of a crisis and change.


The video begins with a scene of a man walking alone in the desert. At a certain point, an unexpected tremor takes place in the landscape, where the film continues. 

* Please use over-ear headphones

Director, Camera, Editor  Dafna Tal

Actor  Nadav Han

Underwater Advisor   Bar Shohat

Abseiling Production  Itai Harari 

Colorist  Hector Barrebi

Project Statement

As a visual artist, my art focus on the unseen and subconscious forces that shape our world from the inside out. The work 'Anchor Point' is a cinematic exploraiton, where the vast landscapes of the desert and the ocean serve as metaphors for the intricate inner events—our thoughts, emotions, and existential challenges. The video transcends a singular interpretation, and serves as a symbolic occurrence where viewers can explore various layers of meaning. 


In one interpretation, the desert represents a world seemingly without feeling—a stark, emotionless expanse, while the ocean embodies the depth and intensity of our emotional experiences. The protagonist's solitary journey through this arid landscape mirrors the challenges of navigating life's crises, where emotions may seem scarce, and one is left to grapple with an internal desolation. The unexpected tremor becomes a visual metaphor for the upheavals we encounter, unsettling the perceived tranquility of our emotional deserts.


Conversely, the ocean stands as a realm teeming with feelings. Its expansive waters symbolize the depth and intensity of our emotional experiences.The fear depicted in the film resonates with the apprehension some harbor toward confronting strong or painful feelings, which may be perceived as threatening or overwhelming. The contrast between the desert and the ocean invites viewers to contemplate the complex relationship we have with our emotions.


Another interpretation of 'Anchor Point' centers around the gripping scene where the man clings to the cliff, emphasizing our innate tendency to hold onto the familiar—the known and the comfortable. The difficulty of letting go is portrayed vividly, where the act of releasing the familiar becomes a gripping struggle, akin to a life-threatening act. This gripping, both literal and metaphorical, becomes a poignant reflection on the challenges of embracing change and relinquishing the known for the uncertain.


'Anchor Point' transforms inner feelings and thought processes into tangible forms, shaping fears into cliffs and portraying transformation as a dynamic movement within the vast expanse of the ocean. In its metaphorical way, it extends an invitation for viewers to introspect and contemplate on their own inner experiences of crisis and change.

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Still from the video Anchor Point

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