Anchor Point

My art is an expression of my ongoing interest in the world of subconscious thoughts and feelings. 


Just like the subconscious, the ocean is too a place of storms and depths, strength and fragility. It is a realm we still know so little of up to this day, a place of wonder which I always found both alluring and terrifying. 

Anchor Point: The Film

The film component of Anchor Point is a staged video which deals with the grip of fear and liberation from it. It is the fear of leaving the familiar and going out into the unknown, the fear of change and loss of control that sometimes seems like the fear of death. 


The work exhibits a desert surrounding, and one woman wandering alone in the arid wilderness. At a certain moment, the woman disappears from the camera frame, and is seen again, hanging from a high cliff, holding it with her hands so as not to fall into the abyss. 


At one point, the woman closes her eyes, and let goes of the rock. She begins to fall from the cliff, and as she falls, the desert landscape turns blue and merges into an underwater landscape where the film continues.