Anchor Point

Video. 2022

3:30 minuets

The work "Anchor Point" is a staged video focused on a man's journey in two extreme environments: the desert and the sea. It deals with the limited human ability to perceive reality as it is- in both sensory and cognitive aspects, and the tendency to cling to the familiar and fear the new.

The video begins with a scene of a man walking alone in the desert. At some point an unexpected tremor occurs in the landscape and the man finds himself hanging on a cliff. He grips the cliff tightly, in fear of death, until he begins to fall. As he falls, the landscape around him transforms into an underwater surrounding where the film continues.

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Photo from the video work

Photo from the production (taken by Yuval Dax)


2023 (January 5th-29th)                 Kingston Gallery, Boston, MA

2022 (Oct 13th- Jan 3rd, 2023)     Royal Ulster Academy of Arts, Belfast