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Installation, Video projection on

three metal forms. 2023

The work 'Perception' consists of three thin metal surfaces in the shapes of a circle, a triangle, and a square. A video of sea waves, moving in a slow, meditative motion, is projected onto the shapes, scattering their blue light in space. The metal forms are suspended inside a dark space away from the wall, and are seem like floating oceanic forms. 


The marine video in the piece was filmed from the depths of the sea, looking out. This approach helps connect the piece to the recurring theme that unites my various works: the preoccupation with the subconscious and the focus on the inner experience.


The interplay between the static metal sculptures, characterized by geometric and well-defined shapes, and the dynamic and amorphous nature of water, gives rise to tension and invites various interpretations. It symbolizes the human endeavor to comprehend the abstract and the boundless using logical thinking while representing various forms of reasoning and perception. It also refers to the constraints of our sensory perception and the limited amount of information we can acquire from physical reality through our senses.


Installation view, the exhibition Invisible Ocean, Art Cube Artists' Studios, Jerusalem.
Curated by Yair Barak. June- September 2023. photography: Dafna Tal

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