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Anchor Point
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Anchor Point


The work "Anchor Point" is a staged video focused on a man's journey in two extreme environments: the desert and the sea. It deals with the limited human ability to perceive reality as it is- in both sensory and cognitive aspects, and the tendency to cling to the familiar and fear the new.

The video begins with a scene of a man walking alone in the desert. At some point an unexpected tremor occurs in the landscape and the man finds himself hanging on a cliff. He grips the cliff tightly until, at a certain moment, he begins to fall where the video continues.  

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Anchor - Emergence



The photography series Emergence documents the moment of sudden encounter between a human and deep sea water. During its creation, I took a series of photographs of various free-divers as they jumped into the cold and salty water of the Red Sea. 


Being captured in the gap between their formation and disintegration, each photograph captures a singular moment which contains both chaos and order, and which can be simultaneously seen as an emergence and disappearance. 

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Artworks - Gorgeous Mad
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You're Gorgeous, You're Mad

Video and Performance

The project You're Gorgeous, You're Mad is composed of a series of double video portraits, where each participant appears twice forming an authentic internal dialogue between two contradicting perceptions of themselves.


The work was created during the residency program Experimental Film Virginia, in Cape Charles, Virginia, USA and includes participants from various countries.

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Artworks- Blank Box

Blank Box


Two white cubes were built for this project. They served as a platform for a series of portraits of local people from Cape Charles, Virginia, who were photographed in and around their town.


The boxes may be a stage, perhaps a symbol; an object encompassing multiple meanings.


The work was created as part of the artist residency “Experimental Film Virginia”.

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Artworks -Do A thing

You Don't Have To Do A Thing

Video installation

In this video installation, I decided to examine people’s reactions to sounds, associated with three different major cultures and religions in Jerusalem today: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.


Each one of the participants sat in a dark room and listened to the same soundtrack while I was filming his/her physical reactions. From their mimic and gestural reactions of refusal and approval – smile, boredom, rejection, enjoyment, grin – I created a series of video portraits.

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Artworks - A Lasting Faith
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