Anchor Point

The fundamental element that motivates my art is my interest in expressing emotion and exposing inner worlds. In my works I create, examine and simulate emotional and psychological situations through experiments I conduct, document or illustrate personal situations.


The work Anchor Point is a staged video which deals with the themes that have been accompanying me for many years: The grip of fear and liberation from it. It is the fear of leaving the familiar and going out into the unknown, the fear of change and loss of control that sometimes seems like the fear of death. It is presented poetically, without words and uses the landscapes of the desert and the sea, which are full of contrasts, to create an experience saturated with associations and multi-meaning.


The work exhibits a desert surrounding, and one woman dressed in red, wandering alone in the arid wilderness. At a certain moment, the woman disappears from the camera frame, and as following her, the camera moves from the desert surrounding into an edge of a cliff. There she is seen hanging from a high cliff, holding it with her hands so as not to fall into the abyss. From her struggle and desperate grip on the crumbling rock, one can sense her fear and anxiety.


At one point, the woman closes her eyes, and let goes of the rock. She begins to fall from the cliff, and as she falls, the desert landscape turns blue and merges into an underwater landscape. Her fall then continues into the water, at a slower pace, though instead of sinking, she meets the surface of the water. She emerges from the water and takes a deep breath.

Project Locations

The underwater surrounding of the Red Sea

where the work is created

View of the cliff in Mizpe Ramon where the first part of the video is filmed

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