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Anchor Point

Video. 2022

Before you watch:

** Please use high-quality headphones 

** Choose the highest quality available on

the bottom right corner of the film


The fundamental element that motivates my art is my interest in exploring and exposing inner worlds of subconscious thoughts, emotions, concepts and believes. This exploration is performed through experiments, documentation or fictional work, using photography and video as my main mediums.


The work Anchor Point is a staged video which deals with the concept of letting go, a form of action which can be a particular challenge, often related to the fear of leaving the familiar and going out into the unknown. It is filmed in the vast landscapes of the desert as well as an underwater environment, representing the inner landscapes of our mental and emotional experience.


The film begins with a wide shot of a desert surrounding, where a man is wandering alone in the arid wilderness. At a certain moment, an unexpected stumble occurs. The man then finds himself hanging on an edge of a high cliff, holding it with his hands, full of fear and anxiety, so as not to fall into the abyss. Being completely weak after a tiring struggle, the man let goes of the rock.


As he begins to fall from the cliff, the desert landscape is revealed to be an underwater landscape, where the film continues.

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